Cross-country skiing

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Radar based counting – No cameras! No privacy issues!

We offer radar-based People Counters that can be mounted on poles or flat surfaces. The very robust design of the sensor and the radar detection have many advantages compared to cameras or IR-solutions:

  • No privacy violations. Full EU-GDPR compliancy.
  • Works reliably in all weather conditions: direct sunlight, rain and snowfall.
  • Maintenance-free: No optics that need to be cleaned.

Realtime System with LoRaWAN® Connectivity

With its autonomous mode of operations and the rugged, weatherproof design, the PCR2-OD Radar Counter can gather reliable data on the spatial distribution of snow lovers within your slope networks, trails and snow parks. This allows you to go way beyond merely knowing how many people have visited. Decisions concerning the further development of the tourist infrastructure inside your ski resort can now be backed with cold, hard data.

PCR2-OD are always online thanks to the integrated LoRaWAN® wireless technology. Counts are transferred regularly to a network server. There is no need to check the device itself to read out data.

Benefits and ROI

  • Monitor and analyse usage trends throughout the season.

  • Benchmark and analyse during special events.

  • Verify and judge the effectiveness of promotional and marketing strategies.

  • Exploit every opportunity to better engage with visitors.

  • Take a proactive approach in effectively scheduling staff.

Get everything in a box

Parametric can provide turnkey solutions including the sensors, LoRaWAN®-Gateways and cloud based timeseries database and analytics software.

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