Installation with SBX15 Solar Kit

Radar People Counter with LPWAN Connectivity

Measuring Footfall

Many locations, from parks to city centres, have needs for outdoor people counters - and thanks to Parametric’s PCR2-OD rugged outdoor people counting devices, this can be achieved easily.

Towns and cities all over the world have to compete with their neighbours to attract shoppers and investment, so having an accurate measure of footfall is one of the only ways you can measure how well you are doing.

Smart, connected cities require accurate data on the movement of people to better understand how different areas of their city are used.

Radar based counting - No privacy issues!

We offer Radar based people counters that can be mounted on poles or flat surfaces. The very robust radar detection has many advantages compared to cameras or IR-Solutions:

  • No privacy violations possible, fully EU-GDPR compliant
  • No optics that needs to be cleaned ocassionally
  • Works with snow, rain, direct sunlight

LPWAN Connectivity

PCR2-OD are always online thanks to integrated LoRaWAN® wireless technology. Countings are transfered regularely to a network server. There is no need to go there and read out data.

Benefits and ROI

  • Improve space planning
  • Attract investment using actual footfall data
  • Monitor effectiveness of campaigns and events
  • No privacy violation discussions anymore

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