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Radar counter for low speed traffic

Parametric TCR-LS radar counters are designed specifically for low-speed traffic requirements and can detect both cyclists and pedestrians. The counters are placed at the side of a path and detect parallel movements from both directions simultaneously.

Radar counter

Radar is a robust, durable and maintenance-free technology. Due to the integrated radar transceiver with 2 receiving antennas, TCR devices can detect movements from both directions simultaneously, divide them into speed groups and store statistical values.

Simple installation

The radar counters are mounted next to a bicycle or pedestrian path parallel to the direction of movement. The device can be screwed directly onto a wall, masonry or other surface, or can also be attached to poles, lanterns or fences using the MT40 pole mount. Elevated mounting with the sensor tilted down is also possible with the MT40 mount.

Parametric delivers their systems pre-configured and tested so that only the distance to the bicyclists or pedestrians needs to be set once. Through the LoRaWAN®connection we can make the settings for you (remote maintenance)

Solar powered with backup

A solar charger (LSS type) integrated in the device, autonomous operation is possible anywhere where there is enough sunlight. In foggy conditions, an integrated rechargeable battery provides 3-4 days of continued operation. Various solar panels, brackets and cables are available as accessories, so we can find a suitable power supply solution for you.

LoRaWAN® connection

TCR are always online thanks to the integrated wireless LoRaWAN® technology. The counts are regularly transmitted to a network server. Thus, the data does not have to be read out on site.

All in one package

Parametric offers ready-made solutions including the sensors, LoRaWAN® gateways and web-based analysis software. Various interfaces are available for integration into an existing IT system.

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