Counting station detects passing car

Simple solution ends traffic chaos

We have developed a simple and effective solution that makes it possible to reduce parking search traffic and control capacity. With radar counters on the access roads - which in many cases are dead ends - congestion can be detected at an early stage and thus prevented. The access road can be restricted to further traffic right at the beginning, vehicles can be diverted to an alternative parking space.

Proven at Klöntalersee

Am früher hoffnungslos überlaufenen Klöntalersee kann mit Radarmessgeräten auf den Zufahrtsachsen der Andrang frühzeitig erkannt und kanalisiert werden. Unsere Lösung bietet sich auch für andere Tourismus und Verkehrs Hot-Spots an.

Data protection compliant system

The uncomplicated and robust radar counters are self-sufficiently powered by solar energy A rechargeable battery can bridge several days of bad weather. The devices can therefore be placed at the optimal location for traffic, independent of further infrastructure. This not only detects the situation at the parking space itself, but also how many other vehicles are already on their way there. Since the data is collected anonymously, in contrast to camera solutions, there are no problems with data protection.


The information collected is transmitted via LoRaWAN™, a particularly energy-saving radio transmission technology for sensors and energy meters. This enables an app early warning system in real time. The data can also be integrated on the website of a tourism destination.


In addition to integration into websites, we can also offer dashboards for data evaluation. Ich bin ein Bild

Swiss Made - because faster and more flexible

This is a Swiss quality product with almost 100% added value in Switzerland!

Only through a well-established regional partner network can innovative solutions be created quickly and tailor-made.

  • Engineering: Parametric GmbH Interlaken and St.Gallen
  • Electronics manufacturing: QuickPick AG St.Gallen
  • Assembly radar units: Parametric GmbH St.Gallen


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