COVID-19 People Counter with optional LED Stop/Go-Lights

This preconfigured system consists of a bidirectional radar people counter PCR2-XIO and an optionally available high-quality LED light

The PCR2-XIO radar sensor detects entering and exiting persons at the entrance. As soon as there are too many people in the room, the XIO external output switches to STOP mode. If enough people leave the room, the switches are set to GO mode again. As a result the optionally available LED light automatically switches to red and back to green depending if there is still capacity in the room or not.

Threshold values can be preset at delivery or changed by the user with a PC software.

Note: PCR2-XIO can be integrated into a LoRaWAN™ network to wirelessly transfer the number of incoming and outgoing persons. Talk to us.

Easy Installation

  • On the sensor you first have to adjust how high the difference between persons leaving and entering the sensor may be. This alarm threshold can be set via the integrated USB interface and the free Windows10 configuration application.

  • PCR2-XIO is connected with power supply and optionally with a light

  • PCR2-XIO is mounted in the entrance area parallel to the walking direction, ideally at hip height

  • The device starts counting the incoming and outgoing persons and switches the outputs if the difference passes the capacity limit.

  • If LoRaWAN™ COnnectivity exists, P-Tags can be used to display the current counter reading on a website without much effort.

Fight COVID-10

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