Bi-Directional Object Counter with Digital Outputs

PCR2-XIO is based on the popular PCR2-IN Radar Peopleflow Sensor combined with an extension board with digital outputs.

Directly control Things

With 2 60V/2A Solid State Relais (SSR) on the XIO-Extionboard it is now possible to control industrial Equipment, Lamps, or even interfacing with 24V Industrial Equipment such as PLC or Building Automation Controllers.

Connect wires to XIO

Relais Operating Modes

The Relais can be operated in 4 different modes

Mode   Use Case
Pulse Generate a 500ms pulse on O1 if left-to-right count, a 500ms pulse on O2 if right-to-left count Counting with a PLC or RaspberryPI
Detection Switch O2 on for x seconds on any detection. Time can be set between 1…600s Controlling a Lamp at a escalator to dose people
CapacityAlert Switch O1 on when Sum < CapacityLimit, otherwise switch O2 on Used to control red and green lights for our COVID-19 Capacity Limit System
RC Switch O1/O2 remotely by LoRaWAN-Downlink  

Online or Offline

PCR2-XIO can operate autonomously, connected to a controller or as a LoRaWAN™ Class C sensor.

  • Connect and control a PCR2-XIO via USB from a PC or RaspberryPI.
  • Connect a PCR2 to a Automation Controllers Digital Inputs and count pulses
  • Add PCR2 to a LoRaWAN™ Network as a Class C device and control the relais remotely

PCR2-XIO controlling Lamps

LoRaWAN™ Certified Works best with

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  • Bi-Directional counting of objects (left/right counting)
  • Integrated dual radar sensor with advanced signal processing
  • 2 Solid State Relais that can switch up to 60V / 2A
  • 2 LED’s for counting signalization
  • Robust enclosure with hidden fixing points
  • Vertically (ceiling) or horizontally mountable
  • Wide range power supply input 5 … 24 VDC
  • Serial communication via USB
  • Offline operation or connected to a LoRaWAN®

Order Number

SKU Serial Interface Digital Outputs LoRaWAN™ Modem Color Power Supply Status
PCR2-EU868-XIO USB (VCP) 2 EU868 V1.0.2
Class A/C
White Gray 5-24V DC New
PCR2-AS923-XIO USB (VCP) 2 AS923 V1.0.2
Class A/C
White Gray 5-24V DC New
PCR2-AU915-XIO USB (VCP) 2 AU915 V1.0.2
Class A/C
White Gray 5-24V DC New
PCR2-US915-XIO USB (VCP) 2 US915 V1.0.2
Class A/C
White Gray 5-24V DC New


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