P-TAGS enable easy integration of data into the website

Display data from Parametric devices on your website in simple and complex ways and create added value without effort

P-TAGS (Parametric Tags) are web components that allow sensor data to be integrated directly and easily into a web page. For example, customers can see in almost real time how many people are currently in an area of a leisure facility and thus, depending on the number of people, visit a less frequented area first. The operators on the other hand have the possibility to better control the flow of people. The uses of P-TAGS are unlimited, as they can be easily integrated into any website. All you need to do is to include a script in the header and then the P-TAGS can be used like ordinary HTML tags.

Mode Information




        <script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/p-tags_v1@latest/dist/p-tags/p-tags.esm.js"></script>
        <script nomodule="" src="https://unpkg.com/p-tags_v1@latest/dist/p-tags/p-tags.js"></script>

        <title>p-tags Example</title>


        <h3>Curent Occupancy</h3>
        <p>Currently there are <b><pt-counter-diff eui="DeviceID" /></b> people in the area.</p>
        <p>Last Update: <p>dayDateTime: <b><pt-counter-last-update eui="DeviceID" date-format="dayDateTime" /></b> </p>


Output on Website

Current Occupancy

Currently there are 50 People in the area.

Last Update: Friday, 16. Juli 2020, 11:00


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