Simplified TCR Setup

Simplified TCR Setup

Admittedly, it is not easy to set up the TCR units correctly in order to achieve good counting results. We have therefore taken measures to make the commissioning process and the fine-tuning of the parameters as simple as possible.

Easier Setup with External USB Config Port

USB config port

TCR GEN2 devices no longer need to be opened for setup and fine tuning.

  • The USB Config Port is now located under the service hatch and is now directly accessible. It is no longer necessary to unscrew the unit. 
  • Trigger a restart of the device from the outside with a magnet. No need to pull the cable for this anymore.
  • Lock configurations from unauthorized access with a PIN Code (Firmware V2.2.1 and newer)

Finding the right setting: Radar Autotune

USB config port

Finding the right settings was not always easy. LTRDist, RTLDist AND radar sensitivity had to be set correctly independently.

That’s why we worked on the firmware and radar algorithms to improve radar autotuning. It is now sufficient to set the distances to the lanes (RTLDist and LTRDist) and enable Radar Autotune to get a good setting to start with.

Firmware V2.2.3 can be used on both TCR GEN1 and TCR2 GEN2 devices.

Live Data

Flying blind is over… PPX our Online Setup Tool has been enhanced to display data of directly connected devices.

Last Detection View

USB config port

Shows Data of last Radar Measurement that includes Direction, Calculated Object Size, Object Speed and Signal Quality.

This is useful to check the settings and identify possible sources of interference.

Counters View

USB config port

Counters View shows all counting values of all traffic categories (P, A, B, C) as well as the totals of all counts at a glance.

This eliminates the need to wait for the next LoRaWAN uplink to check the values. Instead, you can watch how TCR is working in realtime now.

TCR GEN2 devices

Solar powered

DC powered