Introducing TCR GEN2

Introducing TCR GEN2

Fully Closed

TCR units no longer need to be opened for installation and setup.

  • No problems with sqeezed wires
  • No broken sealings
  • Easier handling

External USB Port

USB config port

  • USB config port accessible from outside
  • Hidden under service flap
  • No need to open device for configuration

Directional indicators

Directional Indicators

RTL (right to left)

LTR (left to right

The directional indications are meant from the viewer’s perspective towards the LEDs located under the service lid. Never the “view of the device” towards the road. The direction indicators are now labelled on the unit with an arrow. The indicators help to set the distance correctly.

Reboot spot

Reboot Spot

  • Device reboot can be triggered from outside by a magnet
  • No settings are reset with the reboot
  • There will be no indication on the device

M12 connector

M12 connector

  • Industrial M12 socket on the side
  • Plug with screw terminals (DC-Types)
  • dapter Plug for Solar-Type devices
  • Pin assignment decides energy source

Solar powered devices

DC powered devices