TCR Firmware 1.0.x

The following documentation relates to TCR Firmware V1.0.x only.


Device startup sequence

After swithing on the device, following sequence will start.

  1. Initialization of Radar Processor. LEDs are constantely on.

  2. Start Join-Procedure (only if LoRa Modem is enabled). LEDs are blinking slowly

  3. After receiving Join Accept, the device sends its configuration the on port 190

Detection mode

  1. LEDs are off and are quickly flashing if a vehicle gets detected.

  2. After Interval time is up, the device sends the application payload on port 14. This can be done in Confirmed or Unconfirmed Mode.

  3. If confirmed uplinks are enabled, LEDs are on until succesfull received a ACK. After receiving the ACK LTR and RTL counters will be reset.

If the device operated in Unconfirmed Mode counters will be immediately reset after sending w/o waiting for an ACK.


Payload Description V1


Configuration is done with the TCR Command Line Interface. If device is installed settings might be changed by sending a downlink to port 190.

Firmware Changelog

[1.0.0] - 2020-06-29 (Uses Radar FW 2.2.0 for TCR)

First Relase for TCR/TCR-S