People counting with stop/go capacity display


Sometimes you just need to take something outside and disconnect it from all wires. You need an outdoor power source which can supply your system with enough power throughout the day and you need some sort of reliable connectivity to talk to the outside world or just supervise your system. This highly efficient and rugged outdoor power bank fulfils all requirements for industrial and reliable operation and supervision. It allows the user to operate devices in an outdoor setting without worrying about quality.


  • Rugged Outdoor PowerBank with integrated Solar Charger
  • Water and UV protected enclosure (rated IP65)
  • Accepts a wide range of Solar Panels from 3-20V and currents up to 4A
  • Industrial Grade NiMH Packs (Made in Japan) with 32Wh capacity
  • All Standardized Protections Including: Overcharge, Undercharge, Over- & Under-temperature, and Short Circuit
  • Integrated battery heater for operation under freezing temperatures
  • Shortcut protected USB output that is compatible with most development boards such as Arduino
  • Protected 5V terminal output
  • Always On Mode
  • Serial interface that can be used to read out battery status information by a connected host system
  • Devices are shipped fully assembled, tested and 50% pre-charged
  • Open frame version available on request (SBX-N32-PCB)
  • Swiss made

Technical Specifications

PCR2 People Counter

Charging Technology Microcontroller based
LED Bar 4 LED Solar Power Indicator / Battery Gauge (switchable)
Protective Functions Battery Health
Temperature Check
Serial Interface 3 Pin UART (GND/RX/TX), 3.3V
Serial Interface Data Current input voltage
Current input current
Battery nominal capacity
Battery actual capacity
Battery temperature
Battery voltage
Battery cycles
Output voltage
Output current
Output USB 5V DC, USB-A Socket
Output Terminals 5V DC, Cage-Clamp 14-26 AWG
Battery Manufacturer FDK Japan
Battery Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Battery Voltage - Rated 7.2 V
Battery Capacity - Rated 28Wh
Battery Heater 2W, is heating up battery when too cold for charging
Integrated Temperature Sensor NTC 10k
Charging Technology Microcontroller based

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Specification Min Max Unit
Solar Input Voltage 3.5 20 V
Solar Input Current   3 A
Output (USB-A) 5V (*) 0 1 A
Output (Terminal) 5V (*) 0 1 A
Serial Interface Signal Level -0.3 3.6 V
Operating Temperature -30 +60 °C
Storage Temperature -45 +85 °C

(*) USB-A output + Terminal output must not exceed 1A in sum.

Ordering Information

Part Number Status (1) Device Form Factor
SBX-N32 New IoT Solar Power Bank 32Wh, 5V, IP65 IP Outdoor Device (IP65 Enclosure)
SBX-N32-OEM New IoT Solar Power Bank 32Wh, 5V, OEM Module (Board and Battery only)

(1) The lifecycle status values are defined as follows:

  • New: This product is new and not yet in full production
  • Active: Full production and no indication of EOL
  • Not for new designs: Indication of EOL
  • EOL: Product is at end of life, but can still be ordered until last time buy date
  • Obsolete: Product cannot be ordered anymore (after last time buy date)
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