SBX Solar Charger Module Users Manual V4.0

This manual relates to SBX Firmware V4.0.x

This manual describes the operation modes of the SBX solar charger module used in solar powered radar sensors like PCR2-ODS or TCR-xSS.

Operation States

After Hardware Init the application code takes control. Following state chart shows the application states.

Test Image 1

State Description Load Heater Charger LED Batt LED Error LED Charger
Init Hardware checks running Off Off Standby Off Off Off
Off Battery Voltage low
Load is switched off
Off On when >4W and cold Run Warn Off PWM
On Battery Voltage nominal On On when >4W and cold Run PWM(*) Off PWM
Hot Battery Temperature high
Charging interrupted
On Off Standby Warn Off Off
Error Battery not connected
Sensor broken
Charger error
Off Off Standby Warn On Off

(*) 100% is always on, 0% is allways off, 50% is 1s on, 1s off

User Interface

We decided to not switching on all LEDs all the time to safe energy (while nobody can see the LEDs as SBX is normaly in a box)

LED Batt

After pressing the User Button the LED Batt will display following states for about 30s.

Off Battery low
PWM (0-100%) Battery Voltage (Min-Nominal Voltage)
Blinking while LED Error is off Battery Warning (too cold, too hot)
Blinking while LED Error is on Battery Error (disconnected, NTC broken)

LED Charger

The LED Charger is always activated displaying the Input Power

Off No sun
PWM (0-100%) Charging Energy

LED Error

LED Error is on after the User Button has been pressed and there is a serious hardware problem with the battery or charger.

Charger Operation

The charger starts to operate by its own. If there is a input voltage drop, the charger will re-initialize.