Return Policy

Parametric GmbH’s own products can be returned at the customer’s expense within 14 days of receipt. Excluded from the right of return are components specially ordered or manufactured for the customer (delivery items), equipment customised to the customer’s requirements, as well as software licences and services. In order to ensure smooth processing of returns, Parametric GmbH must be contacted in advance. For this purpose, we recommend that you submit an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) request online. Parametric GmbH will provide the customer with a return address and RMA number. This address must be used for the return shipment. The return must be made within a maximum of 10 days from the date of delivery of the RMA address and the customs declaration “Return” or “Retoure”.

Returns with full credit are possible for

  • Parametric’s own product range
  • Unopened original packaging
  • Return registered on time
  • Return within the time limit

Return with 10% deduction is possible for

  • Own products from the standard range
  • Opened but still original packaging
  • Unit is unused and shows no signs of use
  • All available accessories
  • Return registered in time
  • Returned in time

The return of used equipment is subject to inspection by our returns department and cannot be guaranteed. The amount of the credit will be determined after inspection by our returns department on the basis of the condition of the goods and will be notified to the customer in writing and will not exceed 80% of the purchase price. The customer may appeal the decision within 10 days and request that the goods be returned at his own expense.