PCR2 Application Payload V2

This document describes version 2 of the application payload introduced with Firmware V3.2.0

All PCR2 devices are sending the Configuration Payload once at power up followed by regular Application Payloads.

PCR2 is sending 9 bytes of hex encoded data on port 14 after interval time expired or after a trigger event (trigger mode only).

Important! Always check for port 14 prior to decoding an application payload.

0A ltr 16 rtl 01 temp
LTR ID Objects counted left-to-right RTL ID Objects counted right-to-left TEMP ID CPU Temperature
0A 0000…FFFF
16 0000…FFFF
01 F000…0FFF

As PCR2 are LoRaWAN™ class A devices this configuration payload will be sent as response to an application uplink.

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